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Benefits of Nasesati

Pure Energy

Nasesati will provide up to 6 hours of raw energy! The healthiest and most balanced energy boost!

Increased Focus

Nasesati will improve your ability to concentrate and sharpen your mind. Become as productive, creative and focused as possible!


Improved Stamina

Nasesati prevents lactic acid from building up in your muscles and reduces recovery time!

Explosive energy natural vegan healthy students sports


Contains the natures finest, richest and healthiest "Super-Foods"


Under extreme conditions and intense periods, you get to know yourself better. Nasesati gives me exactly the boost I need to reach new levels!

– Alexander Jakobsen / IFK Norrköping & Egypt National Football Team (Football)

Through exhausting and tough periods Nasesati is the perfect source of energy to keep me moving towards my goals!

– Younes Namli / PEC Zwolle (Football)

Nasesati - Natural Energy Powerful Performance

Nasesati is a 100% natural energy drink. The raw materials and contents of the product are specifically selected to affect the human senses in the best and most effective ways. You will experience a higher level of focus, energy and concentration.



Yerba Mate contains caffeine, theophylline and theobromine. Stimulants also found in tea, coffee and chocolate. Mate & Nasesati is known to provide a great boost in energy levels, often described as gentle, clean and calm.

Many athletes often drink Yerba Mate due to the high caffeine content to improve physical performance. 



If you study, work, doing sports on an amateur or professional level or just need to increase your energy, we will help you achieve your goals!


Unlike other energy drinks, Nasesati is a 100% natural. Your body will experience great positive effects when substituting your traditional energy with the likes of Nasesati.


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